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Are you ready to rise into greater health & happiness?

Want to learn to stop exhausting yourself? Learn to say no and ask for what you need?

Are you ready to take your health, relationships & well being off the back burner and truly heal your past so you can feel like a Radiant Goddess?

Welcome to a community of like minded soul sisters who want to support you to be the best version of you…

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If you’re serious about Living & Thriving at a whole new level of wellness, this offering is for you:

Rising Goddess Immersion

4 months to shift from Exhaustion, Guilt & Overwhelm to Being Vibrant, Peaceful & Free. 

Overcome Burnout & People Pleasing to Reclaim Your Feminine Power & Thrive in Both Career & Relationships


You can be supported, respected and loved without having to bend over backwards.

You can stop to take care of yourself without dropping the ball. 

You don’t need a long vacation and long day at the spa to be overflowing with energy, creativity and passion. 

Let’s reignite your natural ability to intimately connect with yourself, your partner, kids and loved ones, so that you can thrive in all areas of life: Career, Relationships & Health.

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*Take your Power Back
*Allow the love & support you desire
*Experience deep, meaningful connection with your loved ones
*Build your relationship with Spirit
*Learn the 4 elements of transformation for a life of fulfillment, connection & satisfaction

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Through my transformational programs women learn how to make peace with their past and create the future they really want.

You will learn how to have a fulfilling life in all areas –

Fulfilling Career, Vibrant Health, Happy Family, Supportive Relationships & Satisfying Sex & Intimacy.

The results of some of my clients include:

*Free from lifelong turmoil with her mother, she now sets boundaries and speaks her truth so she is at peace with herself
*Ready to welcome romance into her life after a breakup
*Quitting smoking & other harmful behaviors
*Creating thriving business, family & romantic life after divorce

Are you ready to discover & live YOUR full potential?



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Inspire women to live
Free & Fulfilled

through creative coaching programs,
so they feel empowered & fearless, to love & nurture themselves, their families & their communities with authentic power.


What Clients Say About Working With Me:

“Before I started my chakra healing with Kayla, I was full of personal turmoil with my immediate family and my living situation. I had no understanding of the chakras or the power contained and possible with them. After completing our 9 month journey, I have a sense of inner peace I’ve never had before. I traveled to Venice Italy - a trip I’ve dreamed of all my life. I have continued my spiritual path and met my twin flame which she predicted I would. None of this would ever of been possible without that journey.  Thank you Kayla!”

-Gloria Goodwin


“My Constellation Session with Kayla helped me unleash a great deal of creativity in my work and in my passion. I love both my work and dancing but couldn't see how I could bring them together. Since working with Kayla, the ideas of how have just been pouring in. Thank you so much Kayla! Your work is a true blessing.”

-Carolin Hauser-Carson


"Kayla really has a gift for listening and empowering. I wish her the very best and will continue to learn how to live in the middle of love, health, happiness and full-self expression. It’s a lot easier than trying to get it right so I could be loved. I already am. I just forgot. Thank you Kayla for a priceless gift."

- Hilary Burns


"Working with Kayla is absolutely a pleasure! There always seem to be an "ah ha" with Kayla. Sometimes she will guide me to discover it on my own or she will say something that really makes me "ah ha" out loud! If you’re thinking of working with Kayla I’d say Do it Do it Do it!!! She is so dedicated to living out the advice she gives. She is intuitive and really puts thought into every response she gives! Kayla is almost other worldly in a sense that her intelligence and intuition is unlike anyone else I have met. Kayla is a special person that I am so grateful to have as a resource."
-Kassandra Lee


Wake Up to the Life of Your Dreams

Identify hidden blocks that will keep you from passion & aliveness.

Create a clear plan to bring excitement & fulfillment to your life & livelihood.

Are you ready to Claim Your Time to Shine?