I’ve always been a passionate & creative soul. Since childhood I’ve played music, danced and performed in theater. As I grew up, I encountered many difficult life circumstances that clarified for me what is truly most important in life. I faced grief of sudden deaths, drug addiction and more, but all of it has led me to a extraordinary sense of purpose, a deep understanding of spiritual laws, and a great sense of wholeness.

I gave birth to my son in the bathtub of my previous home in New Hampshire in 2015. Giving birth filled me with a powerful knowledge of feminine strength. I never really had a career, but I had a passion to serve others, and I knew I was meant to fill many roles, in addition to motherhood. I used the birth experience to fuel my desire to give my many gifts to the world and embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship.

I couldn’t have the fulfilling life I have today without the support of empowering groups of women. I have set out to spread this empowerment to women who are ready to embrace their creative power to overcome guilt & fear so they can live vibrant & alive.


I began my transformational education at the age of 8 at Landmark Worldwide’s Forum for Young People. I completed their Advanced Course at age 15, Self Expression & Leadership Program at age 18, several seminars over the years, Wisdom Unlimited and was an Introduction Leader for Landmark’s transformational programs for 2 years at the age of 20-22 (2011-2013). I completed my first shamanic apprenticeship in 2012 and received my Reiki certification in 2013. In 2014 I became a Reiki healer and Life Coach, began leading workshops & circles, always integrating shamanic practices. I began to fully serve as a Contemporary Shaman in 2017 after a second 13 month apprenticeship. I’ve studied with a variety of mentors in the fields of sacred sensuality, breath work, shamanism and more.

Having grown up with a yoga teacher for a mom, I've been practicing yoga from the womb. I am a certified intenSati instructor (aerobics meets mindfulness), as well as a musician (violin mainly), a writer and a dancer with a BA in Dance & Anthropology.

Throughout my life I have self studied all kinds of healing work including yoga, shamanism, meditation, tarot, buddhism, healing through the arts, family constellations, authentic relating, nonviolent communication and more. I've picked up tools for health and wellness working in the kitchens of several health-conscious restaurants, and as a personal assistant for a fitness instructor, a positive psychologist and a feng shui consultant. I now blend my range of experiences in a unique way to empower women to embrace their divine creative potential to feel awake, alive & excited every day.