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Every week will bring a new guest to shine in her truest, authentic self to discuss how she overcame failures, triumphed over adversities and found her lane. Learn how each women navigates both the internal and external critic to create the kind of life she wants in the present. If you have been seeking a tribe of women who inspire you to be brave, driven by gut instinct, heart connection and determination, then this is it.

She has encountered many difficult life situations and circumstances that have helped define her and transform her into the person she is today. Through grieving the sudden death of loved ones, her parents’ divorce, recovering from 7 years of adolescent drug abuse and single motherhood she has discovered her life purpose to help mothers step fully into their birth right of extraordinary health, power, and abundance. 

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Podcast: Sex magic to manifest your desires and find your life purpose with Kayla Yoder

If you’ve known there’s more to life than getting married and raising kids, but haven’t found your life purpose yet…this episode on Multiorgasmic Mama with life coach, Kayla Yoder is for you.

Listen in as Kayla dishes her deep wisdom and empowering narrative about discovering your life’s purpose…how you don’t “find” it, you “define” it!

Hear us discuss how your desires can lead you to define your purpose and how having purpose and meaning in life and relationships makes both so much more juicy and exciting instead of empty and boring.

If you’ve ever wondered how sex magic works, make sure you catch Kayla’s detailed description on how to do it!

Sex magic is a potent way to get your partner or lover on board with helping you manifest your desires in a magical, pleasurable way. Don’t miss it!

Kayla Yoder is a mother, lifelong yogi, Reiki healer and creatress of the Star Light Rebirth Program, a sacred one-on-one healing journey for mamas in all stages of motherhood to discover and wombanifest their blissful soul purpose. She is passionate about nurturing a global community of women who inspire and empower the sacred in one another.

Kayla has been learning and practicing transformational healing for over 18 years with experience in shamanism, Reiki, yoga, authentic leadership, Buddhism, family constellations, nonviolent communication, healing communities through the arts, positive psychology, feng shui and more. Her approach to transformational work centers around guiding soulful reflection, playful embodiment, authentic communication, and building trust and partnership with the divine voice inside of you.

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3 Steps to Free Yourself from the Overwhelm of Motherhood

“Come Mother’s Day, it is doubtful that any mom anywhere will receive a card that reads: “Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who always notices we are running out of toilet paper.” This is a good thing, because anyone who presented their partner with such a sentiment would die a quick death. But the point is, we mothers deserve props for our seeing superpowers.”
-ELLEN SEIDMAN, lovethatmax.com

Ellen puts a fun and empowering spin on the “invisible work of motherhood” — you know… making sure the household is stocked with

-clean silverware/bowls/plates/favorite cups.
-coffee pods.
-clean underwear, unless you count the pairs with holes which some people do. 
-toothpaste/dental floss/mouthwash/anti-cavity rinse in bubble gum flavor and NOT the one with SpongeBob on the bottle/soap/shower gel/shampoo/conditioner/that detangling spray that supposedly wards off lice [insert product critical to good hygiene].
-matching socks, unless you count the pairs with holes which some people do.
-creamy peanut butter and chunky peanut butter and Natural with Honey peanut butter and whipped peanut butter and I so wish our family had consensus on p.b.

etc… her funny list goes on.

But the reason it is so healing (for me and probably others) to read her light hearted article is because usually managing ALL of this stuff is utterly exhausting, draining, overwhelming, infuriating, [insert stressed out adjective here].

So would you like to know the 3 steps I have used to free myself from this insanity? Here it goes…

  1. The first step to freeing yourself from this insanity is to be unapologetic about your mistakes. Ok, so you ran out of paper towels… be completely shameless and unapologetic about it. You’ll survive! More than that, you and your family can thrive without paper towels that day! Laugh about it and clean up the mess with tissues, or a rag, or a sponge, or cotton balls, or don’t! Leave it there! Let it be messy! But whatever you do, do NOT beat yourself up about it, or feel even the tiniest tinge of guilt.

The bad news about motherhood is that so much of our guilt and suffering is self-imposed. But guess what? That’s also the good news! Yes, my dear, it’s totally twisted that we live in a culture that teaches the women in the culture to shame themselves incessantly whenever they fail to meet an impossible standard. But you know what else? It’s totally POSSIBLE to free ourselves of that shame and to CHANGE our twisted culture from WITHIN. Because at the end of the day, we each as individuals get to choose our actions. And we as a collective of women and mothers, if we break through the internalized oppression that says we need to do everything alone and everything perfectly, we can start to stand for each other.

Make it a priority to choose pleasure over perfection. The freedom starts as an internal shift. Freedom starts with changing the way YOU talk to and treat yourself. Life would be great if our husbands all decided that they want to take on more housework… but even the kindest and dearest of men have ALSO been trained and indoctrinated to encourage the paradigm of suppression of the feminine. Try this idea on: the men are innocent. The women are innocent. Your parents are innocent. Freeing yourself also requires freeing the people you are blaming for your suffering. Look at those people as children. Those terrible people were children once. See them with the compassion you would hold for a child who was struggling in life. We are all as innocent as children, doing the best we can with what we were given. [I’m not saying people who commit crimes should not be dealt consequences or that boundaries should not be set, I’m just saying, we can always take necessary actions from a place of love and compassion]. Human beings have evolved over thousands of years with instincts that shape our behavior. As Alison Armstrong says, there are 2 parts to human beings, human animal and human spirit. Mostly, we are run by human animal, by instinct. If you think you aren’t, just think about how often you feel tension in your body… that tension is your animal instinct kicking in.

My point is this, you’ve already got the power. Stop waiting for someone else to give you permission, or to jump in and rescue you. It might happen… but it probably won’t, because we aren’t living in a Disney princess movie. At least, we’re not living in the Disney movies we grew up with… Disney has definitely stepped up it’s game. We are now living in the era of Moana & Frozen… so actually, we are living in Disney movies but just not the ones where prince charming comes to rescue you. We’re living in the movie where it’s up to us to do what we know is right, go against what we are being told to do —(“Moana, stay on the ground now…stay away from the ocean”) — in this movie, it’s important to follow our Spirit, face the ego, and return the Heart! I could happily go on and on about the brilliance of Moana but again, my point is… claim your moment, here and now. Take some deep breaths. Enjoy yourself.

2. The second step is own your need to be needed. Face your fear of not being needed. When I began to do less, and let things “fall through the cracks” — like not stressing myself out over trying to remember to add eggs to the grocery list when it came to me at 11:30pm once I finally laid down in bed — I started to realize that a lot of what I freaked out about — the stuff that HAD to get done … would actually be fine. Yes, I had less control over what would happen when my partner stepped in to take care of meals… usually by taking our son across the street to whole foods or ordering dinner out… it wasn’t “ideal”, ordering out is a little more expensive and a little less healthy. But the point is… we do have choices. We will be more than ok, we will still be good even if we don’t have it all together. But I also started to feel afraid. I felt afraid of my partner finding me “useless”. I realized how badly I needed to be needed — to be the only one — to be the best one. I was terrified of not being “needed”. Again, I would say this is an instinct for survival. In the early days of human animal, if women weren’t needed by men, perhaps we faced the risk of being abandoned and left for dead in the cold or eaten by an animal.

In the year 2018, as I write this, women rarely face fatal risk on a daily basis. So step 2 — own your need to be needed — is about becoming aware of your human animal instinct to exhaust yourself in proving your value. Once you can realize that your value goes far beyond your ability to make sure the kitchen and bathroom are stocked, you can find a new freedom. My dear fellow mama, realize that your greatest value lies inherently in your being alive. Your value lies in you being you. You get to define your self worth, and the truth is that your heart, your being, who you are when you are in a state of pleasure, flow and inspiration… that is where your self worth flourishes. So own your human animal, and love it, with all your heart. Bring compassion to yourself, inquire about your fears and your needs. Get to know yourself. Allow your Spirit to take over and love to pour into you. Have you ever had one of those moments where life just works out even little things — like you find the exact type of mugs you were looking for at Goodwill when you were saving up to buy them full price somewhere else? And you think.. wow… maybe there is a God who loves me… do you think that this loving God really really wants you to have the right mugs? No! This loving God is working little miracles to remind you that you are loved! These little miracles happen when we allow ourselves to experience the love of the Divine. They are expressions of love — it has nothing to do with the mugs. Learning to let the love in will allow your human animal to relax, to feel safe, and let your human spirit take over. Your human spirit already knows you are needed on this planet, you don’t need to prove your worth by always being in control of every little thing. By owning your need to be needed, loving yourself through the fear, and letting go, you’ll get in touch with your true purpose and experience powerful freedom.

3. The third step is starting to say no. This is the process of being responsible while also holding your boundaries and getting your needs and desires met. This is where less mistakes happen, less things fall through the cracks because you are aware of your limits and you plan accordingly. For example, my 2.5 year old got into the fridge (because I didn’t lock it while I was cooking… which could lead to a spiral of internal criticism… “seriously, Kayla, how could you leave the fridge unlocked while you know that your child could easily get into the fridge and wreak havoc… that is so dumb…” but practicing step 1, I will not beat myself up for it! Instead I could think “F*** yes! I’m so awesome! Look at everything I am taking care of! I’m making breakfast for everyone! Oh! 2 year old got in the fridge! Life is pure chaos! Hilarious!)… anyway, my little one wanted to eat cherries (which require pits to be cut out of them). I was in the middle of cooking eggs, and making a smoothie, with bacon and sweet potatoes in the oven. I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten yet, and I was in the process of receiving lots of inspiration and ideas for this article and jumping between the kitchen and my computer to write them down! Ordinarily I would’ve taken a big breath and said “ok.” I would’ve added, “cut pits from cherries” to my mental to do list, my stress level and tension would tick up, and my twisted sense of “self worth” would go up too. Instead, I said — “if daddy is willing to take the pits out for you, you can have cherries.” He went to ask his dad, who was happy to cut the pits out. I wasn’t delegating “honey, will you please take the pits out of the cherries?”, which can feel sort of humiliating to me, as well as exhausting and infuriating (links to the story “why in hell do I have to manage EVERYTHING!?”). I was simply doing what I could in that moment to help my son. It didn’t take much energy to suggest to him that he could potentially get what he wants by asking his father. And then I LET MYSELF BE FREE to finish the cooking I was already doing. I didn’t get involved in controlling what his dad said to him about the cherries, or when or how or where he would or would not take the pits from the cherries. Internally, I set the boundary, I said “no” to the internal pressure to do 1 more thing.

Saying no is going to be an ongoing process, and it has to be. If you said yes to every single thing that presented itself to you to be done, you would be completely overwhelmed and insane… even if you said yes to half of the things… you would be overwhelmed and insane. Pause for a second — there is NO SHAME in being overwhelmed and insane my friends. Let’s just take a moment to own that. Say it with me “I’m overwhelmed and insane”. It’s okay to say that. It’s more than okay… it’s so freeing! When you are overwhelmed and feeling crazy, let yourself realize that you are overwhelmed and crazy. Stop pretending that everything is fine. Start getting real with yourself. This will enable you to get real with other people. And most likely, they will appreciate it. When you are honest with yourself about your limits, you can say no with humility and gentleness. Your no can be access to honesty, authenticity and intimacy in your relationships. It starts with saying no to your own impossible expectations of yourself.

Start today. Start right now. Think about everything that isn’t perfect in your life. Feel the guilt and the shame. Let it go. Exhale and say to your shame “good riddance.” Think about your mistakes and let yourself laugh. Let yourself celebrate how much you do, and how great you are. Be unapologetic about the imperfections.

Connect with your body, in this present moment, and notice if there is any fear that comes up when you let go of needing to be perfect. Are you afraid people won’t love you anymore if you don’t pretend you’ve got everything handled? Face your fear and own your need to be needed. Only by being aware of your need for control can you begin to let it go and choose divine love instead. For in the presence of divine love, the truth that all is well, and everything will be taken care of, and the awareness of what really matters prevails.

Sitting in divine love, you may notice the old ways of thinking and being sneak in. Start saying no. When your mind tells you “you’d better start the laundry right now” while you’re in the middle of feeding your child (which often at least for me involves reading a book to him while feeding him while also feeding myself so it’s really 3 things at once already happening) — just say no. Say to your laundry… “no. I will not make myself crazy over you. You are here to support me. You, clothing, exist so that my family and I can feel warm and stylish and good. Thank you for clothing us, and I will wash you later.” Use this affirmation: “there is plenty of time and space for everything that really matters today”. And then ask yourself “what really matters?” Start saying no to everything else, so that you can say yes to the love, the laughter and the light.

I also recorded a live video where I speak about these ideas, if you’d like to watch it, go here: https://youtu.be/RC0u9js1hN8

How to Give Love to You, and Receive it! (You Deserve It.)

Give Love to You — and Receive it! You Deserve It.

Hi everyone. Happy April, and Happy Spring! In this post, I want to talk about appreciating and giving love to yourself, so take a moment and get ready to receive some love. There are two aspects to giving love to yourself. One is giving, and the other is receiving. Now you can try to give love to yourself, think positive thoughts, write out affirmations and all of that, but if you don’t take time to receive that love that you’re generating and giving to yourself, then it’s not going to quite click.


There are different ways to stop and really receive love, and it’s not linear. You don’t have to give yourself love before you receive the love because it’s already there and present. There is nothing you to need to do in order to experience love. There is a lot of love available to us from the divine, and from the people around us that we just need to allow ourselves to receive. It’s already there. Many spiritual teachers will say that love is in fact our nature. There are different ways you can receive the love that is available to you, and it’s going to be different for everybody.

I would encourage you to take some time to think about what gets you into a mode where you can really easily receive love. Think about your past experiences and when in the past you might have experienced being really, really loved. What happened right before that and right after that? How did you allow yourself to get into that mode where you were able to receive that love?

breathe goddess.jpg

One technique that is good to try is breathing. Just stop and take some deep breaths, and feel in the center of your chest where your heart chakra lives. This is where your heart energy has its home. Think about people that you love in your life. Think about people that you know love you even if you don’t feel like they love your right now, or you maybe have a story about them and about their love for you.

Think of somebody who you know loves you. Just think about the fact that this person really loves you. And it could be yourself. Think about the fact that you have tried and tried if you’ve been on this journey of self-love for a while. Think about the fact that you have come again and again to put in an effort to loving yourself, and just sit and feel the warmth of that. Feel the joy of that.


Recognize that when it comes down to it, none of us are isolated. No one is a single unit. We’re all connected, so by giving yourself love, you are putting more love into the system. If you’re having trouble loving yourself because maybe you’re in a self-sabotaging pattern or things aren’t going the way you want them to — whatever those blocks may be — just remember that you’re part of a whole system.


Think of someone that it is really easy for you to love. Maybe it can be a child or a pet. Just focus on that being who is so easy to love right now. Feel the sensations that occur in your body when you think about loving this being.Now recognize that you are not separate or disconnected from that being. You have your own entity and your own energy, but you are always innately connected. Think about the fact that if you experience more self-love, that being is also going to benefit from that. As a parent or any kind of caretaker, this is really obvious because when you feel energized and good, you have more to give to this one that you love that you’re taking care of. Just remember that and let that strengthen your belief that you deserve that love. You deserve that care. You deserve to take the time for yourself that you really need.

Go ahead and bring to mind something that you really need right now. Just imagine what it would be like to give that to yourself. Make it something that you can give to yourself, not something like, “I need this person to stop doing that, or to do something differently.” Look deeper. Maybe what you really need is peace or acceptance. Breathe into that for a few moments.


I’m going to close out this month’s post with a song that I just made up. You can listen along here, and follow the lyrics here:


There’s a fire burning in my soul
And I am gonna let it go
And light my way

There’s a fire burning in my heart
And I am gonna let it start
And light my way

There’s a fire burning in my soul
And I am gonna let it go
And light my way

There’s a river rolling in my soul
And I am gonna let it go
And clear my way

There’s a river flowing through my heart
And I am gonna be a part
And find my flow
And find my flow

There’s a river flowing in my heart
And I am gonna be a part
And find my flow

And the ground is here beneath my feet
The air is flowing, there’s a breeze
And I am gonna meet it now
And let it move me
And let it move me


Thank you for being a part of all that is! Enjoy! I hope your heart is opened, and if you would like to share some of your experience or some blocks that have come up, please email me at kaylaroseyoder@gmail.com. Connecting and honoring the fact that we are all connected by sharing our deepest hearts and experiences is a really powerful way to open your heart even further and allow there to be more love and more positivity in the world for those that you care about, and for yourself, and for our world. I am really committed to create this safe space for you, so please feel free to share or to reach out to me individually if you would like to.

I offer complimentary breakthrough sessions where you can get my help with embracing self-love and removing inner blocks to your fullest expression. There is no obligation. It benefits me to simply connect with the people that I serve. To receive a free breakthrough session, just click this link to provide your contact information, and I will get in touch to schedule it. I would love to support you.

Namaste. The light and the love in me bows and honors the light and the love in you. Have a beautiful day!

This post has been adapted from a guided meditation video that I created on April 3, 2018. If you’d like to watch that video for a more direct guided meditation experience, you can view it here.



To be a shamanic being, one must undergo initiation. Consider identifying with these signs as a kind of initiation along your path to spiritual leadership.

We need shamanic beings now more than ever, and thankfully many initiates are hearing the call to step into this sacred role.

As a shamanic being you guide the awakening, the healing, and the evolution of consciousness.

The word “shaman” comes to us from the Siberian name for it’s spiritual leaders.

The root of the word means “to know.” The word “shaman” was introduced to Western language in 1698 and has become popular.

A shamanic practitioner in today’s world is one who knows the truth of their being – free from shame.

If you hear the call to spiritual leadership, to be free and shameless and fully expressed as the raw beautiful being that you are, if you are longing to lead us into this new paradigm, read on.

We need you to claim the truth of who you are.

Here are 10 signs that indicate that you are a shamanic being.

1. You feel the pull.

If there is a deep longing in your heart to stand in your power and create sacred space for the good of all beings, then there is a good chance you are a shamanic being.

Your soul whispers or even shouts to you “HEY! You have a calling!” You suspect you are here to take part in the creation of a new paradigm, a new culture for humanity.

Do you feel butterflies in your tummy every time you see the word shaman?

Does each class, article, and workshop on shamanism call to you? Did you get tingles and longingly, gleefully click on this article thinking, “am I?” or “could I be?”

Do you feel a shout in your heart when you have the opportunity to learn about spiritual practices? When you are in quiet moments of meditation, do you feel the pull of your purpose?

The pull of your shamanic purpose could be a vague interest or a quiet knowing. The pull of your shamanic purpose could be a beating in your chest and a magnetic attraction to all things spiritual.

The bottom line is, if you’re a shamanic being, you feel it.

You may not be quite ready to admit it to others or even to yourself, but there is a place within you where you know. You know you are here for a reason.

You know that reason is to guide the world to a higher spiritual plane. You want to be a catalyst for humanity’s spiritual growth and transformation more than anything.

2. You see life through symbols and metaphors and you love art.

“We all come from tribal societies…Our tribal selves still live inside us…Our multiple intelligences still know how to translate symbols and impulses from deep within the subconscious…Our ancestors still speak to us from within the voice of fire.”  – Karla MacLaren*

Animals, numbers, colors, shapes, stones … these things take on a special significance to you. Water, fire, dirt…wood, trees, flowers… shoelaces, silverware, glass… you can find a deeper level of spiritual significance or metaphor of the human condition in just about every object.

In dreams, our spirits speak to us through symbols. Shamanic beings understand that waking life too is a dream.

Do you sometimes feel as though you’re living in a dream or a movie? Do you see deep, rich layers of meaning in mundane moments? Do you see the way in which your life is weaving a story?

Symbols and metaphors are essential in a good story.

It’s common for a shamanic being to be very interested in art of all kinds: stories, paintings, music, dance and more.

This is how culture speaks. A shaman is attuned to the voice of her culture. The role of the shaman is to be a divine witness to the evolution of consciousness.

You likely understand that we are playing a cosmic joke on ourselves — we are performing the story of separation — remembering and forgetting that it is just a story.

You enjoy symbols without being swept away in their significance. You can understand that in truth, it’s all made up anyway! We are the creators of our reality.

Shamanic beings seek symbolic meaning in things because this is a powerful way to unite human beings who have forgotten that we are all one.

Shamanic beings bring people together, and they do this by communicating the magic and wonder of life in a way that all can understand — with symbols.

image source

3. You see the medicinal, healing magic of nature.

You have experienced and/or seen others experience profound healing from natural sources.

Shamanic beings are medicine people.

As body-mind-spirit connectors, they have an intuitive respect for the power of natural medicines such as herbs, plants, and crystals. Shamanic beings understand that even light and color can be healing.

As healers, shamanic beings understand both the healing power of consciousness and the healing power of the Earth.

Shamanic beings are powerful conduits for collaboration between the earthly plane and the spiritual plane. As a ic being you are likely very interested in the healing properties of natural substances.

Perhaps you’ve experienced profound healing with the help of natural herbs, like teas, flower essences, homeopathic medicine, or plant medicines such as ayahuasca or peyote.

Throughout history shamans have used these powerful natural substances with great respect.

Shamans throughout time have understood that plants have a spiritual nature and have learned to live in harmony with the earth.

As a shamanic being you likely have a strong desire to assist humanity in living with respect for mother earth.

image source

4. “Time is non-linear” makes complete sense to you.

You understand the way in which past, present and future coincide. You have great respect for your ancestors and a sense of responsibility to future generations.

Have you ever participated in a new ritual or ceremony for the first time and felt as though you’d done it before? For example, a type of dance, or a sweat lodge ceremony.

Many of us shamanic beings have lived countless rebirths.

If you’ve ever had a past life regression or memory, or even just sensed that you have more wisdom that is appropriate for this lifetime, then you understand the non-linear nature of time.

Another way in which shamanic beings transcend the illusion of linear time is through a connection to the cosmos and to astrology.

Our ancestors watched the stars and the seasons and recorded the cycles they saw. Our ancestors measured the lengths of the days and nights and created the understanding that we now have of the cyclical nature of time.

As a shamanic being you likely have an intuitive understanding of astrology and the significance of phases such as seasons or phases of the moon.

You may not understand cognitively, but intuitively you get that time is non-linear.

You get that we can live our past in the present or live the future in the present, depending on our frame of mind and commitment to generating positive karma.

image source

5. You regularly perceive signs and omens that direct and guide your actions.

Shamanic beings are messengers between the human world and the spirit world. Whatever form it takes, if you are a shamanic being you are becoming attuned to universal intelligence. You’re dancing in service to the will of Spirit.

Sometimes the omen is in a conversation you overhear, sometimes the omen is a word that catches your eye on a billboard.

Maybe you hear a message in your mind as though it were being spoken to you by a cosmic voice.

Sometimes the omen is a synchronicity of events that carry a clear message … for example, two people calling you at the same time tells you there is chemistry here and you are meant to connect those two people or their energies in some way.

You’re receiving messages and directions because you’re willing to fulfill on the mission of Great Spirit.

It’s important to learn how to discern if the message is coming from Great Spirit, or from a lower vibrational energy. You’ll know by how it feels. Trust your instincts.

6. You’re fascinated by ancient, indigenous cultures and all forms of spirituality.

When you have the opportunity to learn about the spiritual practices of another culture something in you majorly turns on. If you are a shaman in the making you deeply value all forms of truth.

“What do you believe in?”

“What’s your religion?”

You may be unsure of how to answer these questions. Your spiritual beliefs are constantly evolving as you learn more about yourself, about wise teachings of all kinds, and about the world.

Do you love learning other languages? It’s as if there’s a part of you that exists for the express purpose of learning about and integrating the wisdom of ancient teachings.

You have a deep respect for those who have come before you, as well as those you have come after.

Maybe you’ve formed unique spiritual practices for yourself, synthesizing all that you’ve learned.

Or, you may be drawn to one particular culture’s teachings. There may be one dharma that fascinates you for no obvious reason.

Trust the resonance. Know you’re guided by intuition that is not of this world.

7. You’ve formed unique spiritual practices for yourself.

Ceremony and ritual are important to you. It is easy for you to use these tools as you are intuitively guided to practices that serve your evolution.

Shamanic beings walk in two worlds — the spirit world and the material world. We work in and influence both dream consciousness and waking consciousness.

As a shamanic being, while your feet traverse the physical plane, your heart and soul are walking through the spiritual plane.

You know the truth of your being. You are a channel, a vessel, a messenger between the spirit world and the human world.

You are here to assist a great awakening on Mother Earth.

You can easily synthesize what you learn and know about sacred practice from many different cultures, forming a practice that is unique to you, yet rooted in ancient collective knowledge.

As a shamanic being you understand the power of ritual, ceremony and daily practices that honor the spirit world.

It’s likely easy for you to create ceremonies that are meaningful and transformative for yourself and others. If you haven’t done so yet but you resonate with this article, try it!

image source

8. You are highly aware of the connection between the microcosm & macrocosm.

You understand that every little moment matters in the grand scheme. You care to create, to live, to be the new paradigm in each and every interaction you have.

You see that a new world is not only possible, but coming. You have a devotion to the future of humanity.

You are dedicated to the well being of humans’ relationships to each other, to the planet and to our fellow creatures.

A new paradigm is being birthed on planet earth, a paradigm in which we know ourselves as a single Earth Tribe. You know this.

The lines between different cultures are blurring. We are desperate for leaders who are free from constraints of tradition yet honor the ancient wisdom.

You can see the new paradigm in the way the woman at the grocery store smiles. You can see the new world coming in the way that nations are negotiating.

If you are aware of this shift at both the microcosmic and macrocosmic level, it is likely that you are a shaman in the making.

9. You sense and understand a higher purpose when technology “messes up.”

Integration of technology into our daily lives is a big transformation that we are all going through right now. As a shamanic being, preparing to lead us into a better future, you understand the spiritual significance of technological energy.

image source

For example — the phone battery dies precisely when you finish an important conversation, as if it were being fed divine energy to keep the battery going as you needed it.

Or your phone call gets disconnected at the perfect time in order to interrupt an old pattern of communication.

The disconnect encourages you to proceed in a different way that allows for deeper connection and harmony with the person you’re speaking with.

Or your phone or computer randomly presents a certain picture or page that is exactly what you needed in that moment for healing or higher wisdom.

Because of their deep understanding of the nature of consciousness, shamans have a special ability to interpret “regular” life from a higher perspective.

If you’re able to look at the way that technology behaves as a reflection of a subtle spiritual energy then it is likely you are a shamanic being.

10. You are committed to becoming free of shame.

If you regularly hunt your psyche for toxic shame to cleanse and release, then you are likely a shamanic being.

You know that we live in a society with too much shame. You know that to be ashamed of our bodies, our instincts and our sexuality is toxic.

You are committed to living your life free from this shame.

“We non indigenous peoples live in a quandary: we value our freedom from tradition and tribalism, while at the same time we’re drawn inexorably toward them…

our ancestral DNA has hundreds of thousands of years of indigenous memory that competes with a mere handful of hundreds of years of modern life…

Our bodies still resonate to season, place, and rhythm…Our emotions still remember their sacred function as carriers of deep wisdom…

We moderns have moved out of our tribes for the most part, but tribal wisdom has not moved out of our psyches.” – Karla MacLaren, Language of Emotions*

You know your tribal nature and you’re not afraid of it. In fact, you embrace it.

As a shamanic being you are here to play, to transform, to be wild, free and shameless.

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If you’ve resonated with even one of these qualities, then you are likely a shamanic being.

I encourage you to continue your spiritual path and to claim your rightful place as a spiritual leader.

We need you. The earth and the stars need you. Our whole entire planet is in a healing crisis.

Begin with your Self, but do not linger in your own healing for too long.

There will come a point when you can’t heal yourself any further until you begin to give away what you have.

There will come a point when in order to truly heal yourself you must actually cast your ego aside and heal others.

Don’t delay my friends. Claim your inner knowing and allow yourself to truly become the force for freedom that you are here to be.

Tending Your Inner Fire, A Meditation & Contemplation for Living With Passion

Happy 2018! The start of a new year brings potent energy and opportunity to work within ourselves. It is the perfect time to tend to our inner fire. Whether you are feeling in touch or out of touch with your inner fire, this can support you.

It is common to feel confused about your goals, or about the resolutions you want to make. The new year can also bring up feelings of guilt and resentment, or frustration. Do you feel stuck? Or maybe you feel great. Do you have a lot to celebrate? Most likely, it’s some of both. This post is meant to guide you to accept yourself exactly as you are, and tap into the power that will get you to where you want to go.

In this post, I am going to guide you on a journey of tending your inner fire. I suggest getting out a notebook and a pen. I’ll guide you in certain visualizations and then I’ll ask some questions that are great starting points for journaling.


Take some deep breaths. Invite your mind to come into your body. This journey does not need to take more than 10 minutes. Commit right now to reading this all the way through, and really contemplating and answering the questions. If you have to do something to make sure you won’t be distracted for the next 10 minutes, go do that.

Now, find a comfortable seat, and let your hands rest gently on your legs. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel the warmth in your body. Notice where it is, and notice how it feels.

Contemplate and use these questions as a starting point in your journal: Is there warmth in your belly? Is there warmth in your chest? Visualize that warmth as a fire. Notice how it flickers. Does it grow? Notice if you’re not feeling any particular warmth. Notice if you are feeling low or put out in some way, if you’re feeling emptiness, or a lack of a fire. Recognize what that feels like in your body. What is the sensation?

Imagine that your legs and the lower part of your body, your tailbone, are the earth. Imagine that there are some logs sitting on the earth in your sacral chakra, which is the area just below your belly button. It is the center of your sexuality, your passion, and your sensuality. When you’ve placed those logs on the earth in your body, imagine a fire sparks. This is not a fire that burns you, scalds you, or hurts you in any way. This is your personal, divine fire. This is pure light and positive energy. Feel that fire rising in your belly. Feel it warming your heart.


Imagine smoke from the fire drifting up through your throat chakra, through your third eye. Imagine watching the flames and the smoke dancing, showing you your vision of your life. Imagine the smoke is rising up through the top of your head and going back into the universe, becoming one again with everything, with the divine.

I invite you to sit in silence for a few moments now, connecting with this inner divine fire.

When you’re ready — when you feel warm, hot, fiery, and alive — take a deep breath, and open your eyes.


Now let’s explore what your experience was with this and what we’re playing with here. We are in the coldest part of the year. When I was walking outside recently, I couldn’t feel my fingers or my toes, but I realized that I could very much feel my gut, and my heart, and this part of me that stays warm, at least if I have a coat on. It is a blessing of these cold times to be given the chance to really feel and get to know the warmth that we have within our bodies that is our divine spark. That is our natural energy. That’s our passion. That is who we are.

If you’re struggling with clarity, struggling with trying to come up with your next step, and figuring out how to live passionately, it can be tempting to go into your head. I do that a lot. I want to figure everything out. I want to make a plan, and I want to know how many hours I’m going to spend on this and that. When am I going to go to the dance class? When am I going to do yoga? Entering that headspace is very tempting when you’re not sure of your next steps.

If we can stay in our bodies, stay in that feeling space, and just feel that fire within us, that is going to attract the passion that we’re seeking. By simply bringing our awareness to our feeling


body, that allows us to find the passion and the enjoyment that we seek in life. It will come about much more easily and effortlessly that way.

We can relate to our inner fire as this divine spark of positive energy. Sometimes we think of an inner fire as something that’s going to burn other people or scald them, and we’re afraid to be angry, and we’re afraid to be passionate. This inner fire that we’re talking about and that we’re working with is not an inner fire that’s going to burn you or anyone else. It’s going to enlighten and enliven others.

Your inner divine fire might be too hot for some people, and those people are going to step away. Maybe your fire is burning so intensely and so brightly that it does burn some things down in your life. It’s most likely that those were things that needed to burn away to clear space for you to find what you’re seeking in life.


Now let’s think about fire externally, like all the fires happening in California. There is always an internal element that is related to the external elements in the planet. If we want to come into harmony with those elements, we can come find harmony with those elements within ourselves. If you are afraid of your fire and your passion burning the people around you or burning you, then that’s even more reason to spend some time getting in touch with that, tending to it, noticing it, and giving it some love and attention. Otherwise, it’s just going to go on a rampage. Awareness is always the key. Awareness is always going to be positive.

I encourage you to reflect and leave a comment about your experiences with this journey today. If some insight, passion, vision, or desire was awoken within you, share it.

I offer complimentary breakthrough sessions where you can get my help connecting with your inner fire, your passion and purpose, and remove inner blocks to your fullest expression of which you may not be aware. There is no obligation. It benefits me also to simply connect with the people that I serve. To receive a free breakthrough session, just click this link to schedule it.


Have a blessed day and blessed 2018!

This post has been adapted from a guided meditation video that I created on the full moon of January 1, 2018. If you’d like to watch that video for a more direct guided meditation experience, you can view it here.

Sync With Your Cycles

At the start of this month (February 2018) we had a big full moon eclipse, and it made me reflect on the significance of cycles. The moon cycles just as all of nature cycles and just as our bodies cycle. Syncing up with our cycles can support and empower us through life and the constant changing world in which we live.

I’ll be honest. I have been feeling really low energy lately. I have been feeling frustrated, wanting to get more done but feeling too tired. I finally told myself, “you know Kayla, it’s okay.” That was relieving. We’re not robots. We’re human beings, and if we feel low energy or if we feel tired, it’s for a good reason. It’s because our body needs something. When we let go of the mindset that we’re not valuable if we’re not productive (which I think is especially common in America), then we can really start to enjoy the downtime that comes with cycles.

Lately, I have been cultivating a greater sense of embodiment through the work I’ve been doing with my physical therapist, with my massage healer, and with my nutritionist. I have been syncing up with my body, and it’s amazing. Sometimes it’s hard in these moments of low energy to surrender to my body and give it what it needs, but when I do, it feels so liberating and enjoyable. I want to encourage each of you to honor your body and take the time you need for yourselves because when we’re rested and truly nourished, we can do a lot better when we’re in a productive mode.


Our world exists in a cyclical nature. Cycles are present in our lifespan from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and our elder years. They are present daily, monthly, yearly, and on, and on… Rather than feeling helpless at the mercy of the cycle, in this post I want to show you how to work with nature’s cycles rather than against them to support your life and whatever you desire to create.

In Ayurveda, our day is a cycle divided into different elements. Kapha is water and body, and this is from 6:00–10:00 a.m. Pitta, which is fire, is from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This is a good time for productivity. It’s when your digestion is at its greatest, so it’s good to eat a big lunch if you’re working within the Ayurveda philosophy. Vata, which is air, is from 2:00–6:00 p.m. It’s a good time for thinking, writing, and using your brain. Then it cycles back to Kapha from 6:00–10:00 p.m.

We can create a greater sense of stability and ease for ourselves through awareness. Acknowledging how you feel in the mornings and in the afternoons, and creating rituals and habits like meditation, journaling, and having regular meal times will support you. For instance, I’m very airy in general, which means I have a vata tendency. I can get very airy in the afternoons and go into mental swirls, so I know this is a time when I need to find balance and do something intentional for my body to sync with my cycle.

Tracking your cycles is a really effective way of syncing with them. I learned this from Kate Northrup, and she provided an amazing tracking sheet, but you don’t need a fancy sheet to do this. You just need to take some time at the end of every day to rate your energy level. Take a moment now to open your journal and score your energy on a scale from 1 to 10. What phase of your cycle are you in today? What phase is the moon in? Write down any notable details about the day. When I started tracking these things, I noticed a new sense of control over my energy and my life. This gave me a sense of predictability. (Kate says that our brains, especially as mothers, thrive on predictability).

There is an amazing app called MyFlo for period tracking. It’s $1.99 in the app store, and it’s completely worth it. It tells you about what types of foods you can eat that will support you during your cycle. It tells you about what kinds of hormones are happening. It gives you tips for how to tailor your love and sex life to match where your body is at. It’s a tool that can help you understand your cycle and more easily sync with it, and I highly recommend it.


I started reading the book Her Blood is Gold by Lara Owen. It’s about the magic of a woman’s menstrual period. In many cultures, this was a time when women could come together and connect with one another and with their spirits in a much deeper way. As a result, a lot of spiritual wisdom would come through for the whole community. It showed me that this is a sacred time of reverence, and it helped me really come into a place of respect for my body.

It’s getting close to that time now. My period isn’t here yet, but I’m so excited for it to come because I understand what happens in my body. It’s a potent time to reflect on past cycles. It’s a time for introspection. By slowing down and looking inward at this point in our cycle, we can get so much more done when it shifts into productivity mode. Step into the next phase with an attitude of reverence and with a greater sense of awareness. Then you can learn how to work with your cycle rather than against it.


Now that you are more aware of your cycles, it is a good time to make a list of what you may need. As you track, consider what you created in your last cycle and if there’s anything that isn’t working in your life that you want to shift or change. By recognizing that the only constant is change, we can create comfort through a sense of predictability, which empowers us to thrive at any point in our cycle.

In Your Moon Blood Cycle

When empowered by an attitude of reverence, you can start to learn what is needed in the distinct phases of our cycles and what our strengths are in each phase. In the moon blood cycle, there is going to be a time when we have a greater capacity for socializing and networking during the ovulation phase. After that, our hormones are optimized to do a lot of finishing, tying up loose ends, and getting organized. Then there is the menstrual period which is the time of rest, rejuvenation, and spiritual depths. The next phase is best suited for preparation and planning.

In Your Nutrition

One thing I’ve been finding lately is that my food is my medicine, and I can get to know the cycles of my body a lot better when I’m eating clean. If someone just handed you a pill, you wouldn’t just eat it unless you knew what was in it. So, when you’re about to eat something, think about what’s in it because it’s really going to affect you even if you don’t think it will. Pay attention to how you feel during and after eating. If you are trying to change your diet, you will find that what you’re eating actually does affect you, and it can be positive or negative.

Knowing how your foods affect you is also going to help you have more power over your life because you can tailor what you’re feeling with what you need to eat and what your body needs. When I’m eating things that are difficult for my body to handle and process, that just adds more stress, and things become more unpredictable. When I’m consistently eating clean, it’s easier to get in sync with those cycles.


An effective way to sync up with your cycles and with where you are right now is to pause and take some deep breaths into your belly. Really feel what’s present in your body. You can do that at any time. Try to become aware of where you are in your cycle, whatever that particular cycle is.

Let’s practice for a moment. Rest your hands on your lap. Take some deep breaths. Breathe into your belly, feeling it expand and release. Become aware of the fact that we just had a full moon. Notice the year that it is, and the month, and the day. Become aware of where you are right now in your cycle. Breathe into all of that awareness. Invite in a sense of reverence, wonder, and curiosity. Bring in awareness of your age and stage of life you’re in right now. If you have children or if you’re pregnant, bring awareness to your children and your family. They, too, are part of the cycle of your lifespan.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that it’s helped you to sync up with that cyclical nature of our world with greater ease. If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear them.

I offer complimentary breakthrough sessions where you can get my help in syncing with the cycles of your life. This can help you create a sense of joy and ease in your body, and remove unseen inner blocks to your fullest expression. There is no obligation. It benefits me also to simply connect with the people that I serve. To take action and schedule a free breakthrough session, just click this link to schedule it. Please share the opportunity with anyone who you know that could benefit. I can’t wait to connect with you!

I hope you are having a beautiful month and bring a focus to syncing up with your cycles this month. Namaste. The light in me honors the light and teacher in you.

This post has been adapted from a guided meditation video that I created on the full moon of February 1, 2018. If you’d like to watch that video for a more direct guided meditation experience, you can view it here.

Meditation (and Dance Break) on Presence, Purpose and Perspective

If you’re looking for your life purpose, if you’re looking for clarity, or if you’re looking to have a great hair-do, all of that is going to happen in the present moment. The theme for March is presence and being in the present moment. In this post, I hope to guide you on a meditative journey to help you come more deeply into presence so you can have all that juicy fulfillment. So take some deep breaths and read on!


There’s a deeper layer to fulfilling purpose, besides just knowing what you’re meant to do in life, and that is perspective. If you’re feeling lost around your purpose, sometimes that just means that you’ve lost your perspective. Changing your perspective can change your mood in an instant. One of the most common and most disempowering perspectives that we get lost in is feeling like victims. We need to remember and remind each other how strong we are as human beings and how resilient we are. We can survive so much. Sometimes we think we’re delicate. We end up feeling weak and victimized just because we skipped a snack, or we haven’t had a full meal, or the baby is crying. While all those things are valid, and we definitely want to listen to and observe what it is that we’re needing, we also can just remind ourselves that we’re not delicate. We are super strong, resilient beings. We are built to survive drought, famine, illness and so much more! From that standpoint, we can take our power back.


All of that resuming of our power happens in the present moment, so we need some tools and techniques for how to come back into the present when we get lost in thoughts and overwhelm. A lot of times if you are feeling lost, if you’re feeling like you’re in a struggle, it’s probably because you’ve lost perspective on what is really important to you. Imagine yourself like a hawk flying over your life with extraordinary vision, focus, and perspective, surveying everything. Why are you struggling anyway? What is the ultimate goal that you are trying to accomplish? When we can live our lives on a daily basis remembering the bigger picture, it can be a lot more fulfilling to say, “Wow, today I just took a really significant step towards something that I really want.”


The following meditative exercise will help you to gain a greater sense of ease, peace, and perspective. This will allow you to get more clarity and perspective on your purpose and on what’s really important to you.

So, take a deep breath. Grab a journal or some paper and a pen. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Let out a couple of sighs. Wiggle your shoulders. Let your body be loose. Close your eyes. Open them again so you can keep reading… Just notice the sights and sounds around you. Notice the feeling of the air on your skin. Think about something that you do that makes you feel really present like maybe being out in nature, or being with people you love. Notice the feelings that arise in your body as you get present to what makes you feel present.

Now let that go and just notice the sounds of your breath. Notice the feeling of the air as it enters and leaves your nostrils. If you have thoughts arise, just gently exhale and let them go. Bring to mind something that you’ve been struggling with. Ask yourself, “What is the bigger picture here?” Wait for an answer. Keep waiting. If it doesn’t come, just keep asking and wondering. You don’t have to force an answer. Come back again to your breath.


Bring to mind something that you would like more clarity on or a part of your life where it is time for you to take another step; the next step; a step into something new. Instead of going into confusion, ask yourself, “What do I know about this? What’s already clear to me in this present moment and in the bigger picture of my life? What is most important to me?” What clarity do you have in this moment? Write down your answers and reflections to these questions in a journal — this will also support you in finding and maintaining your perspective. If you have answers to these questions and you want to share them in the comments, I would love to hear what is important to you. Sharing your reflections with others deepens the transformation.


Now, I want to speak especially to that part of you that is wondering, “What’s the point of all of this? What’s the purpose? What’s my true calling?” You want to live with a sense of that purpose being fulfilled. If you’re in that wondering, one powerful and supportive action you can take is to ask your divine expression (such as God, or however you refer to that higher power) for guidance. Ask, “Divine, what is your will for me?” And just stay open to receiving an answer. If you don’t get an answer right away and you start to get agitated, just affirm, “I will know the answer in perfect time.” Between now and that time when you get the answer you’re seeking, try to just experience the present moment. Experience your breath. Experience your body.

The way that I’ve learned to slow down lately has been simply by asking myself, “What am I actually doing right now?” There can be so many things going through my head that I should be or want to be doing. “Oh, right now, I’m creating a blog post.” That’s what I’m doing right now. That’s all I’m doing right now. I’m not doing anything else. I’m not sending text messages. I’m not answering phone calls. I’m not getting ready to go to the doctor. None of that is happening right now. And actually talking through that with myself has really helped.


To close out this meditation, bring your hands to the center of your chest. Take some more deep breaths into your heart. Connect to a sense of gratitude for yourself for taking the time to connect with the present moment, with your purpose, and with your perspective. Gently bow forward. Thank you for joining me in this moment.

And hey, another great way to come into presence is by bringing awareness and movement to your physical body. A great way to try this is by having a dance party. You don’t need anyone but yourself, and I invite you to dance along with me in this video to an amazing song (“Let’s Get It Started” by The Black Eyed Peas). Shake out your hair. Bob your head. Wiggle your arms in the air. Feel the music dancing in your limbs and core, and let your body move with it. Enjoy your body in the present moment.


I offer complimentary Miracle Activation sessions where you can get my help with tapping into your life’s purpose through presence and removing inner blocks to your fullest expression. There is no obligation. It benefits me to simply connect with the people that I serve. To receive a free breakthrough session, just click this link to schedule it! I would love to support you.

Thanks for dancing with me today. I encourage you to take a few minutes to reflect on this meditation and leave a comment about your experience with it. If some clarity, insight, or vision was awoken within you, please don’t keep it to yourself, share it! Have a beautiful March. See you next month.

This post has been adapted from a guided meditation video that I created on March 1, 2018. If you’d like to watch that video for a more direct guided meditation experience, you can view it here.