Meditation (and Dance Break) on Presence, Purpose and Perspective

If you’re looking for your life purpose, if you’re looking for clarity, or if you’re looking to have a great hair-do, all of that is going to happen in the present moment. The theme for March is presence and being in the present moment. In this post, I hope to guide you on a meditative journey to help you come more deeply into presence so you can have all that juicy fulfillment. So take some deep breaths and read on!


There’s a deeper layer to fulfilling purpose, besides just knowing what you’re meant to do in life, and that is perspective. If you’re feeling lost around your purpose, sometimes that just means that you’ve lost your perspective. Changing your perspective can change your mood in an instant. One of the most common and most disempowering perspectives that we get lost in is feeling like victims. We need to remember and remind each other how strong we are as human beings and how resilient we are. We can survive so much. Sometimes we think we’re delicate. We end up feeling weak and victimized just because we skipped a snack, or we haven’t had a full meal, or the baby is crying. While all those things are valid, and we definitely want to listen to and observe what it is that we’re needing, we also can just remind ourselves that we’re not delicate. We are super strong, resilient beings. We are built to survive drought, famine, illness and so much more! From that standpoint, we can take our power back.


All of that resuming of our power happens in the present moment, so we need some tools and techniques for how to come back into the present when we get lost in thoughts and overwhelm. A lot of times if you are feeling lost, if you’re feeling like you’re in a struggle, it’s probably because you’ve lost perspective on what is really important to you. Imagine yourself like a hawk flying over your life with extraordinary vision, focus, and perspective, surveying everything. Why are you struggling anyway? What is the ultimate goal that you are trying to accomplish? When we can live our lives on a daily basis remembering the bigger picture, it can be a lot more fulfilling to say, “Wow, today I just took a really significant step towards something that I really want.”


The following meditative exercise will help you to gain a greater sense of ease, peace, and perspective. This will allow you to get more clarity and perspective on your purpose and on what’s really important to you.

So, take a deep breath. Grab a journal or some paper and a pen. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Let out a couple of sighs. Wiggle your shoulders. Let your body be loose. Close your eyes. Open them again so you can keep reading… Just notice the sights and sounds around you. Notice the feeling of the air on your skin. Think about something that you do that makes you feel really present like maybe being out in nature, or being with people you love. Notice the feelings that arise in your body as you get present to what makes you feel present.

Now let that go and just notice the sounds of your breath. Notice the feeling of the air as it enters and leaves your nostrils. If you have thoughts arise, just gently exhale and let them go. Bring to mind something that you’ve been struggling with. Ask yourself, “What is the bigger picture here?” Wait for an answer. Keep waiting. If it doesn’t come, just keep asking and wondering. You don’t have to force an answer. Come back again to your breath.


Bring to mind something that you would like more clarity on or a part of your life where it is time for you to take another step; the next step; a step into something new. Instead of going into confusion, ask yourself, “What do I know about this? What’s already clear to me in this present moment and in the bigger picture of my life? What is most important to me?” What clarity do you have in this moment? Write down your answers and reflections to these questions in a journal — this will also support you in finding and maintaining your perspective. If you have answers to these questions and you want to share them in the comments, I would love to hear what is important to you. Sharing your reflections with others deepens the transformation.


Now, I want to speak especially to that part of you that is wondering, “What’s the point of all of this? What’s the purpose? What’s my true calling?” You want to live with a sense of that purpose being fulfilled. If you’re in that wondering, one powerful and supportive action you can take is to ask your divine expression (such as God, or however you refer to that higher power) for guidance. Ask, “Divine, what is your will for me?” And just stay open to receiving an answer. If you don’t get an answer right away and you start to get agitated, just affirm, “I will know the answer in perfect time.” Between now and that time when you get the answer you’re seeking, try to just experience the present moment. Experience your breath. Experience your body.

The way that I’ve learned to slow down lately has been simply by asking myself, “What am I actually doing right now?” There can be so many things going through my head that I should be or want to be doing. “Oh, right now, I’m creating a blog post.” That’s what I’m doing right now. That’s all I’m doing right now. I’m not doing anything else. I’m not sending text messages. I’m not answering phone calls. I’m not getting ready to go to the doctor. None of that is happening right now. And actually talking through that with myself has really helped.


To close out this meditation, bring your hands to the center of your chest. Take some more deep breaths into your heart. Connect to a sense of gratitude for yourself for taking the time to connect with the present moment, with your purpose, and with your perspective. Gently bow forward. Thank you for joining me in this moment.

And hey, another great way to come into presence is by bringing awareness and movement to your physical body. A great way to try this is by having a dance party. You don’t need anyone but yourself, and I invite you to dance along with me in this video to an amazing song (“Let’s Get It Started” by The Black Eyed Peas). Shake out your hair. Bob your head. Wiggle your arms in the air. Feel the music dancing in your limbs and core, and let your body move with it. Enjoy your body in the present moment.


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Thanks for dancing with me today. I encourage you to take a few minutes to reflect on this meditation and leave a comment about your experience with it. If some clarity, insight, or vision was awoken within you, please don’t keep it to yourself, share it! Have a beautiful March. See you next month.

This post has been adapted from a guided meditation video that I created on March 1, 2018. If you’d like to watch that video for a more direct guided meditation experience, you can view it here.