Tending Your Inner Fire, A Meditation & Contemplation for Living With Passion

Happy 2018! The start of a new year brings potent energy and opportunity to work within ourselves. It is the perfect time to tend to our inner fire. Whether you are feeling in touch or out of touch with your inner fire, this can support you.

It is common to feel confused about your goals, or about the resolutions you want to make. The new year can also bring up feelings of guilt and resentment, or frustration. Do you feel stuck? Or maybe you feel great. Do you have a lot to celebrate? Most likely, it’s some of both. This post is meant to guide you to accept yourself exactly as you are, and tap into the power that will get you to where you want to go.

In this post, I am going to guide you on a journey of tending your inner fire. I suggest getting out a notebook and a pen. I’ll guide you in certain visualizations and then I’ll ask some questions that are great starting points for journaling.


Take some deep breaths. Invite your mind to come into your body. This journey does not need to take more than 10 minutes. Commit right now to reading this all the way through, and really contemplating and answering the questions. If you have to do something to make sure you won’t be distracted for the next 10 minutes, go do that.

Now, find a comfortable seat, and let your hands rest gently on your legs. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel the warmth in your body. Notice where it is, and notice how it feels.

Contemplate and use these questions as a starting point in your journal: Is there warmth in your belly? Is there warmth in your chest? Visualize that warmth as a fire. Notice how it flickers. Does it grow? Notice if you’re not feeling any particular warmth. Notice if you are feeling low or put out in some way, if you’re feeling emptiness, or a lack of a fire. Recognize what that feels like in your body. What is the sensation?

Imagine that your legs and the lower part of your body, your tailbone, are the earth. Imagine that there are some logs sitting on the earth in your sacral chakra, which is the area just below your belly button. It is the center of your sexuality, your passion, and your sensuality. When you’ve placed those logs on the earth in your body, imagine a fire sparks. This is not a fire that burns you, scalds you, or hurts you in any way. This is your personal, divine fire. This is pure light and positive energy. Feel that fire rising in your belly. Feel it warming your heart.


Imagine smoke from the fire drifting up through your throat chakra, through your third eye. Imagine watching the flames and the smoke dancing, showing you your vision of your life. Imagine the smoke is rising up through the top of your head and going back into the universe, becoming one again with everything, with the divine.

I invite you to sit in silence for a few moments now, connecting with this inner divine fire.

When you’re ready — when you feel warm, hot, fiery, and alive — take a deep breath, and open your eyes.


Now let’s explore what your experience was with this and what we’re playing with here. We are in the coldest part of the year. When I was walking outside recently, I couldn’t feel my fingers or my toes, but I realized that I could very much feel my gut, and my heart, and this part of me that stays warm, at least if I have a coat on. It is a blessing of these cold times to be given the chance to really feel and get to know the warmth that we have within our bodies that is our divine spark. That is our natural energy. That’s our passion. That is who we are.

If you’re struggling with clarity, struggling with trying to come up with your next step, and figuring out how to live passionately, it can be tempting to go into your head. I do that a lot. I want to figure everything out. I want to make a plan, and I want to know how many hours I’m going to spend on this and that. When am I going to go to the dance class? When am I going to do yoga? Entering that headspace is very tempting when you’re not sure of your next steps.

If we can stay in our bodies, stay in that feeling space, and just feel that fire within us, that is going to attract the passion that we’re seeking. By simply bringing our awareness to our feeling


body, that allows us to find the passion and the enjoyment that we seek in life. It will come about much more easily and effortlessly that way.

We can relate to our inner fire as this divine spark of positive energy. Sometimes we think of an inner fire as something that’s going to burn other people or scald them, and we’re afraid to be angry, and we’re afraid to be passionate. This inner fire that we’re talking about and that we’re working with is not an inner fire that’s going to burn you or anyone else. It’s going to enlighten and enliven others.

Your inner divine fire might be too hot for some people, and those people are going to step away. Maybe your fire is burning so intensely and so brightly that it does burn some things down in your life. It’s most likely that those were things that needed to burn away to clear space for you to find what you’re seeking in life.


Now let’s think about fire externally, like all the fires happening in California. There is always an internal element that is related to the external elements in the planet. If we want to come into harmony with those elements, we can come find harmony with those elements within ourselves. If you are afraid of your fire and your passion burning the people around you or burning you, then that’s even more reason to spend some time getting in touch with that, tending to it, noticing it, and giving it some love and attention. Otherwise, it’s just going to go on a rampage. Awareness is always the key. Awareness is always going to be positive.

I encourage you to reflect and leave a comment about your experiences with this journey today. If some insight, passion, vision, or desire was awoken within you, share it.

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Have a blessed day and blessed 2018!

This post has been adapted from a guided meditation video that I created on the full moon of January 1, 2018. If you’d like to watch that video for a more direct guided meditation experience, you can view it here.