New Moon Playdate
10:00 AM10:00

New Moon Playdate

Have you been longing for a soulful group of women to support you through the ups & downs of life? Have you been wanting to connect to your feminine power & the cycles of nature? We are here for you!

There are 2 unique aspects of the New Moon Playdates

1. Bring your kids! This isn't any old childcare - kids engage in their own spiritual practice, learning yoga & having such fun, while mom relaxes & enjoys the ceremony. 
(Purchase a KIDS YOGA + CEREMONY ticket on meetup, purchase CEREMONY ONLY tickets on Eventbrite. Sign Up Links @ bottom)

2. We welcome girls who are pre & post-puberty to join the ceremony to learn about the sacred cycles of womanhood & be part of a soulful group of supportive women.

Here's what we'll do:

* 10am Meet & Greet @ Kayla's home
* 10:20am Kids go to park for yoga (Rain plan: Kayla's living room)
* 10:25am Women go to live Oak tree for ceremony (Rain plan: Kayla's guest room)
* 10:30am-11:30am Yoga & New Moon Ceremony
* 11:35am Kids meet women under the oak tree for free play & social time (branches make great "motorcycles")
* 12:00pm All are invited to Central Market Cafe for lunch

What to bring: you & your kids in comfortable clothes!


Kidding Around Yoga And Hooping (KAYAH) Class with Miss Jenna holds a safe and fun container for children to build healthy bodies and minds by doing age appropriate stretching, creative movement, mindfulness games, partner postures, and cardio. With continual practice, children improve balance, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, focus, self-esteem and so much more. All KAYAH classes leave children floating on cloud nine, and with love in their hearts!

Kids must be walking to take kids yoga. There is no max age. Pre-mobile kids are welcome to enjoy the women's circle with mom (please be willing to step away if needed so we can focus the group on adults).

About Miss Jenna:
Miss Jenna is an uplifting Children’s Yoga Teacher in the Austin area with a specialty in creating a soothing and fun space for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Her teaching style is gentle and full of love and smiles.

*Connect with Jenna Griggs*

KAYAH website:



Kayla's moon ceremonies are both fun & deeply transformative. Women have been gathering in moon circles for ages. Whether this is your first or you've participated in women's moon circles before you will reconnect to an ancient inner knowing of who you are as a woman. As women, our power, courage, strength & light shines brighter when we unite. Kayla uses her intuition to guide a circle that is customized to the moment. We may meditate, move, sing & share. Each woman will have a chance to share new moon intentions & receive supportive energies from the group. Kayla may also share teachings & tools that you can use daily to support you to embody your bliss & purpose.

About Kayla:
Kayla is trained as a contemporary shamanic priestess, Reiki healer, family constellations facilitator & more. She has a 3 yo son & has been studying spirituality & transformation since her childhood. Kayla works closely with the energy of the feminine to inspire women to sync with their primal nature through creative rebirth. She has been facilitating women's circles for over 4 years. Soulful women hire Kayla to learn to embody their greatest bliss & purpose by accessing their feminine creative power.

*Connect with Kayla*



Space is Limited, Sign up to Reserve your Spot!


CEREMONY + KIDS YOGA: $40 (+$5 each sibling)

2 Ceremony only tickets: $40 ($20 each)
2 Ceremony + kids yoga tickets: $64 ($32 each + $4 siblings)
1 Ceremony & 1 Ceremony+Yoga ticket: $52 ($20 ceremony, $32 ceremony+yoga)

Click this link to reserve your ticket:

Questions? Contact:
512-969-8969 (Kayla's cell)

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The Rewild Festival
to Oct 14

The Rewild Festival

The Rewild Festival is a two-day outdoor event where participants can engage in experiences to strengthen their relationship to nature. We're hosting a variety of speakers, workshops, musical guests, and group meditations which will provide hands-on lessons, experiences, and skillshares including:

  • Camping and Backpacking Skills
  • Plant Identification
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Metaphysics
  • Business Practices in the Outdoor Industry
  • Food with intention
  • Food as medicine
  • Environmental Education
  • The Healing Arts

Rewilding is returning to a state of harmony with self, community, and nature. Through the process of rewilding, you’ll learn ancient traditions that our bodies and minds require in order to thrive in a modern world. By incorporating daily practices into your life, you’ll begin to feel connected and free from the negative aspects of domestication.

All participants have the option of bringing their own tents and outdoor gear for the festival or can just participate in the daily events. Camping and meal options are included in the checkout process. 

Our mission is to provide individuals with a multi-sensory experience in wild environments to ground them in mind, body, and spirit. Get ready to be inspired by the many ways nature helps us lead our most resilient lives. Our goal is to get you the most excited you've ever felt about time spent outdoors.

Get your ticket here:

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Mom Moment: Balancing the Elements Within
12:30 PM12:30

Mom Moment: Balancing the Elements Within

  • 801 West 5th Street Austin, TX, 78703 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

• What we'll do
We're gonna use the power of the four elements, Earth, Water, Wind and Fire to connect with the aspects of ourselves and our lives that need to be balanced. Through balancing our inner universe, we will discover our true purpose ... and we will have fun doing it!

Each gathering will be a little different, it will include intention setting, group activities such as meditation and movement, and open sharing.

The location will change month to month so stay tuned, I intend to update the theme, location and cost by 2 weeks prior.

• What to bring
Comfy clothes for sitting and gentle movement, water, candles, stones or crystals, incense, musical instruments or other sacred objects

• Important to know
This is a sacred and supportive community to bring your true self and come as you are.

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Sister Supper - Downtown Austin
5:00 PM17:00

Sister Supper - Downtown Austin

Our monthly Sister Suppers are hosted by dedicated hosts in California, Texas, Colorado and Ohio and more states around the USA soon!

All our Sister Supper hosts are part of a community of women who are united by the mission to create community (from their homes) through sisterhood.

They receive support, training and guidance on how to create sacred space for women whilst sharing their home and nourishing food.
Sisterhood may not be the first word that comes to mind but deep down it feels like home. An open heart, a listening ear, a warm smile. As a soulful woman you know the strength you find with your girlfriends.

Join like minded women at Kayla's home for an evening of being nourished inside and out. A nourishing Paleo friendly dinner will be provided, please email Kayla at, comment here or send a private message on MeetUp if you have dietary preferences/allergies.

Sister Suppers are a place to connect in women's homes and eat great food, have meaningful conversations and leave feeling connected and inspired.

We stand for women inspiring women, women supporting women and women igniting women.

About your host:

Kayla Rose Yoder is a creative genius! She loves creative self-expression in all forms - music, dance, knitting, art, writing... she is a lifelong yogi, Reiki healer, and empowerment coach for women & moms.

In her words - "And I'm a shaman which means I love animals and nature, pray to the 4 directions and I do strange things like bury dead birds, dance in the rain and talk to the trees. I'm a mother, my son was born in 2015 at our home in Dover, NH, completely naturally.

I play the violin, I love to cook, and Pussy: A Reclamation is one of my all-time favorite books! I believe that sisterhood is soul medicine and aligning our heads, hearts and pussies is absolutely a path to bliss and collective evolution to build an empowered world.”

Kayla will close the sacred circle with some live violin music, if you wish to participate in music making please bring bells, drums, rattles, guitars, flutes, grande pianos (just kidding), etc... 🎶


IMPORTANT: Be sure to get your ticket in advance, space is limited - RSVP "going" on MeetUp and you'll be prompted to get the ticket - feel free to invite friends:

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Mom Moment: Awaken Purpose, Passion & Play :June 10:
2:00 PM14:00

Mom Moment: Awaken Purpose, Passion & Play :June 10:

What nourishes you, Mama? What is the source of your flow? In the safe, sacred and supportive space of this workshop you will learn and practice 3 steps to awaken purpose, passion and play in any moment! Let go of stress and turn on your flow. Moms need to play too! Join us for this fun, meditative and transformational experience to rejuvenate and empower you as a mom and as a soulful woman. Moms are the source, the fountain of life, that nourishes the whole family. Give yourself and your family this gift of nourishing your self.


SIgn Up Now

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Austin Moms Fulfilling Purpose Meetup: All You Need is LOVE
12:00 PM12:00

Austin Moms Fulfilling Purpose Meetup: All You Need is LOVE

Learn about why LOVE is all you need for true fulfillment, what is blocking your heart chakra, and how to bring your loving heart into any moment, from my years of facilitating healing, transformation and growth for women.

This is for you if...

You love motherhood and you want to integrate your womanhood with your motherhood and have it all
You know there's a greater purpose for you and want to discover it
You know your purpose and you're learning how to live it
You are a passionate woman and want to fulfill those passions
You're ready to let go of what is holding you back and reach your potential
You're truly ready to be honest with yourself and embrace more fulfillment
You have a powerful heart and know you are a powerful woman who takes full responsibility for her life

Read More or Sign Up...

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