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Sister Supper - Downtown Austin

Our monthly Sister Suppers are hosted by dedicated hosts in California, Texas, Colorado and Ohio and more states around the USA soon!

All our Sister Supper hosts are part of a community of women who are united by the mission to create community (from their homes) through sisterhood.

They receive support, training and guidance on how to create sacred space for women whilst sharing their home and nourishing food.
Sisterhood may not be the first word that comes to mind but deep down it feels like home. An open heart, a listening ear, a warm smile. As a soulful woman you know the strength you find with your girlfriends.

Join like minded women at Kayla's home for an evening of being nourished inside and out. A nourishing Paleo friendly dinner will be provided, please email Kayla at, comment here or send a private message on MeetUp if you have dietary preferences/allergies.

Sister Suppers are a place to connect in women's homes and eat great food, have meaningful conversations and leave feeling connected and inspired.

We stand for women inspiring women, women supporting women and women igniting women.

About your host:

Kayla Rose Yoder is a creative genius! She loves creative self-expression in all forms - music, dance, knitting, art, writing... she is a lifelong yogi, Reiki healer, and empowerment coach for women & moms.

In her words - "And I'm a shaman which means I love animals and nature, pray to the 4 directions and I do strange things like bury dead birds, dance in the rain and talk to the trees. I'm a mother, my son was born in 2015 at our home in Dover, NH, completely naturally.

I play the violin, I love to cook, and Pussy: A Reclamation is one of my all-time favorite books! I believe that sisterhood is soul medicine and aligning our heads, hearts and pussies is absolutely a path to bliss and collective evolution to build an empowered world.”

Kayla will close the sacred circle with some live violin music, if you wish to participate in music making please bring bells, drums, rattles, guitars, flutes, grande pianos (just kidding), etc... 🎶


IMPORTANT: Be sure to get your ticket in advance, space is limited - RSVP "going" on MeetUp and you'll be prompted to get the ticket - feel free to invite friends: