What Clients Say About Working With Me:


To work with Kayla is to attune with the Goddess within. I truly did not know how to connect with the divine feminine within myself until witnessing my reflection through Kayla and learning from her. She has helped me see and love my whole self through gentle, judgment-free guidance and support. Prior to working with Kayla, my idea of "self-care" was handling my basic hygiene. Now through her support and coaching, I feel so empowered to live as the best version of myself, to love myself wholly and completely, to allow my femininity to express itself fully, and to truly care for and nurture my body, mind, and soul. Connecting with Kayla has changed my life and set me on a path of greater understanding of my own well-being. The deeper understanding of and love for myself that I have come to embrace through Kayla's coaching has changed how I show up in the relationships that matter most to me. Like many people, I was raised in a household and community where women did everything except make money and never asked for support (outside of financial support) from their spouses. Not only did I step into marriage trying to emulate that level of service with my spouse, I was also working 50 hours a week, and we were still living paycheck to paycheck. I was in a constant state of stress and burnout, feeling inadequate because I could not meet these impossible expectations I set for myself. With Kayla's support, I learned what real self-care looks like in a romantic partnership. Now I know how to ask for help with chores and perhaps most importantly for me, I know how to ask for space without feeling any guilt. I have learned how to receive support from my partner - a lesson that is absolutely priceless to me. My husband and I are now living the most balanced version of life either of us has ever experienced and continue to grow together on this healthier path in equal partnership. Even our financial burdens and day-to-day struggles have grown lighter under Kayla's amazing guidance. We're saving more money every month than we thought was possible even just a year ago. Similar positive reactions started popping up all over my life, making the decision to continue working with Kayla a no-brainer. I had just started running my own business when I met Kayla and had so much apprehension around my role as the boss and was lacking confidence about my own authority. Now I am able to step into those shoes fearlessly and claim that space with confidence. Like the enthusiasm and support I received from my husband at the sight of these shifts, I have had nothing but positive responses from my staff and clients. They are more responsive, more enthusiastic, and full of gratitude for my leadership. Before working with Kayla, I would have felt like that sentence was too braggadocious. Now I can say it truthfully without a second thought from a place of joy, acceptance, and gratitude. All of this empowerment and clarity within me came from working closely with Kayla and letting her wisdom work its magic throughout my life. I am so happy with my choice to start coaching with Kayla - it is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

-Danielle Rifkin

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“I've had sessions with many healers over the past decade of inner work, and I simply cannot recommend Kayla highly enough! After having sessions with her regularly for the past several months, I've seen incredible & very welcome improvements in myself and in my life. The constellation work Kayla expertly does identifies and releases long-held patterns that are rooted in our families and keep us stuck. For me, I found myself able to respect myself deeper and establish firm & healthy boundaries that were simply not taught to me by my family of origin. In my career, marriage, and parenting, I had still been singing from the songbook belonging to my family's pain and dysfunction... instead of from my own Source-connected spirit. My mother has shifted (seemingly magically) to be more healthy and supportive of me, likely because of the healthier energy I'm in when I'm interacting with her. And my father has become more protective and loving with me than he has been in the past - again, because I'm in alignment with healthier energy and am deeply rooted in healthier ways of interacting. Boundaries have helped me nearly fully overcome a constant feeling of burnout (whew!). I generally feel more safe and relaxed in all of my relationships, which has me feeling more filled up by my interactions. Kayla's work also has helped me raise the standard for the relationships in my life, which has led to letting go of some and welcoming in healthier ones... which have been very refreshing life upgrades overall. If you're on the fence about working with Kayla, let me gently and clearly push you over the edge to the side of Yes! You'll be glad you did... and you'll want to tell me thank you for the nudge. :-)”

-Audrey Parker


“Before I started my chakra healing with Kayla, I was full of personal turmoil with my immediate family and my living situation. I had no understanding of the chakras or the power contained and possible with them. After completing our 9 month journey, I have a sense of inner peace I’ve never had before. I traveled to Venice Italy - a trip I’ve dreamed of all my life. I have continued my spiritual path and met my twin flame which she predicted I would. None of this would ever of been possible without that journey.  Thank you Kayla!”

-Gloria Goodwin


“My Constellation Session with Kayla helped me unleash a great deal of creativity in my work and in my passion. I love both my work and dancing but couldn't see how I could bring them together. Since working with Kayla, the ideas of how have just been pouring in. Thank you so much Kayla! Your work is a true blessing.”

-Carolin Hauser-Carson


"Kayla really has a gift for listening and empowering. I wish her the very best and will continue to learn how to live in the middle of love, health, happiness and full-self expression. It’s a lot easier than trying to get it right so I could be loved. I already am. I just forgot. Thank you Kayla for a priceless gift."

- Hilary Burns


"Working with Kayla is absolutely a pleasure! There always seem to be an "ah ha" with Kayla. Sometimes she will guide me to discover it on my own or she will say something that really makes me "ah ha" out loud! If you’re thinking of working with Kayla I’d say Do it Do it Do it!!! She is so dedicated to living out the advice she gives. She is intuitive and really puts thought into every response she gives! Kayla is almost other worldly in a sense that her intelligence and intuition is unlike anyone else I have met. Kayla is a special person that I am so grateful to have as a resource."

-Kassandra Lee

“I want to share how shifted and lifted my energy feels after my work with Kayla. I’ve been releasing my habitual tobacco use and going through that detox. I’ve been releasing other mood-shifting tactics as well. I feel like I’ve come into a space where it feels safe and important to really feel through my feelings. The energies have been flowing through places that have been blocked or buffered for a very long time. I feel strong and secure in my ability to handle all of my emotions, to release and work through them. I feel less need to “hold it all together” all the time. My inner child is finding her voice, triggers are reaching deeper, roots are becoming obvious, coming to the surface. That session with you really gave me such a sense of security and sure footing. I feel so empowered to be completely vulnerable. Thank you thank you thank you!

-Tiger Lily Kelly


“Kayla's space clearing was extremely helpful as I was beginning to settle into my new home. I had been struggling with a constant feeling of being jumbled and scattered, which I wanted to clear out before it became "normal" to feel that way in my new living space!  Kayla helped me set powerful, positive intentions for my new home and then helped clear out old lingering thoughts and worries. Since the clearing with Kayla, it doesn't feel like an apartment unit that used to belong to other people anymore; it feels like my home. I've been laughing more, relaxing deeper, and connecting more easily with all who enter here. I'm optimistic and grounded here, and relieved that my inner jumble is gone. People spend so much money when moving and furnishing a new home. For me, the investment to have Kayla clear my energy and the energy in my new space was worth every penny - it's an investment that keeps paying off every vibrant week, month, and year that I live here. Thank you, Kayla! I strongly recommend you!”

-Audrey Parker, Austin TX